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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Yet Another Guide to the Anchoring Ban

Golf Digest has done its own guide to anchored VS unanchored putting strokes, with diagrams and explanations. It's not very long but the explanations seem very clear.

For example, this diagram comparing a legal short putter stroke with both elbows tight against the sides to an illegal anchored stroke with a broomstick putter includes this as part of the explanation:
"If the forearms are resting against the body, this method is acceptable only if the hands are not separated. They can still work independently when making a stroke this way."
That phrase I highlighted, "...only if the hands are not separated," is a great reminder of the diagram and provides an easy-to-understand reason for why one method is legal while the other isn't.

Broomstick putter, unanchored and anchored

Between this guide and yesterday's video from Golf Central, you should get a pretty clear picture of which putting strokes will be legal and which won't be when 2016 officially arrives.

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