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Friday, November 6, 2015

A Lesson from (Maybe) Phil's New Teacher

By now you've all heard that Phil Mickelson and Butch Harmon are no longer working together. You've probably also heard that Phil's new teacher is rumored to be Andrew Getson, an instructor at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale and also a Cleveland Golf teaching pro. (For those of you who want all the skinny on the "breakup," you can get up to speed by reading this Matthew Rudy post and this Tim Rosaforte post, both at the Golf Digest site.)

At any rate, I thought you might like to hear the kind of stuff Getson teaches. Here's one of his Cleveland Golf videos about creating more club head speed.

Earlier in the week I did a post about the importance of shoulder turn and why all the emphasis on leg drive is misplaced. I think it's interesting that Getson takes the same position. He definitely encourages you to take a stance that will let your legs drive on the downswing but he focuses on shoulder turn and using your hands and arms to swing faster.

According to the reports, Getson helped Phil with his posture before the Presidents Cup and apparently that's part of the reason Phil played so well after such a lackluster year. Phil says he just wants to get "...some different perspectives and ideas." So I checked out several of Getson's videos on YouTube just to see what kind of stuff he teaches. I like what I've heard so far.

If this is the guy Phil's chosen, the rest of the Tour might want to prepare for a new chapter in the Mickelson saga.

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