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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Christina Kim and Rickie Fowler's Swing Thought

Given that defending champion Christina Kim is just one stroke off the lead down at Lorena's tournament...

and given that Christina gave Rickie Fowler and Butch Harmon some credit for the swing thought that's helping her play better this week...

and given that everybody's looking for "a secret" of some sort...

I'm going to pass along the swing thought Christina lifted from Rickie's head. There are a couple of links below this photo; check them both out.

Rickie getting the toe of his club straight up on the takeaway

The first is Golf Digest's story about Christina lifting that swing thought and the tweet that tipped her off. And the second is the original Golf Digest article that the tweet referenced, where Rickie told what he and Butch had been working on. The paragraph from that original article that Christina mentioned said:
In my old takeaway, the clubface pointed at the ball for too long. There was this initial tension as my shoulders turned early while the club slowly dragged back, putting the clubface in a shut position. To fix this, my slow-motion rehearsal thought was, The toe of the club makes the first move.
Christina's been having a problem keeping her clubface square during her swing, and this takeaway thought helps her -- and Rickie -- swing the club more naturally.

I may have linked to the original article before -- I remember linking to something where Rickie talked about what he and Butch were working on -- but good instruction is always worth hearing again.

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