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Friday, December 4, 2015

Golf Digest's Recommendations for GPS Watches

BONUS LINK: I didn't feel it warranted a full post but here's the link for
Tiger's interview with Time Magazine's Lorne Rubenstein.

With Christmas coming, it seems that everybody is doing Christmas gift-giving guides. I looked at a few and felt that most of them were pretty bland.

But this guide from Golf Digest tries to make sense of the GPS watches that are available and I know that some of you are dying to get one. If you're one of those folks, these are the eight watches that they rated most highly in their testing.

GPS watches

Be forewarned: None of these watches cost less than $200, which makes them a bit rich for my wallet. And the guide only shows you a picture and tells you what makes that particular watch unique, but it gives you enough information to eliminate the ones that just won't get the job done for you. Make sure to do some extra research before you buy!

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