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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hitting High Soft Shots from the Rough

Today I have a short video from Golf Digest and Golf Magazine teacher James Sieckmann (he has his own golf academy as well). This video is on how to hit a high soft SPINNING shot from the rough... and Sieckmann says it works from the sand as well.

Sieckmann says the two keys are:
  • lower body stability
  • getting the speed from your arms and hands
Note that he's creating that lower body stability by bowing his legs a bit. That's not essential but it's a good way to learn how to turn your shoulders without excess leg movement. In swings this short, you don't need much lower body movement to create speed at impact. Also note that his knees DO move, but that's it -- they move, they don't drive. That's a key difference between proper use and overuse of the legs.

That second key is a classic swing technique -- most good short game players use classic technique in the short game because it makes it easier to get feel and control. Note that Sieckmann emphasizes that you have to start your downswing SLOWLY; speed happens late in the swing and is greatest JUST AFTER you've hit the ball. Also, as long as your shoulders continue to turn into your finish, you won't flip the clubhead with your forearms.

Creating clubhead speed in a short game swing should NOT take a lot of effort. If you're grunting when you hit a pitch shot, you're just trying way too hard!

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