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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nancy Quarcelino on Long Arm Pitching

Nancy Quarcelino is one of Golf Magazine's Top100 teachers and I found this video teaching what she calls "long arm pitching." She says the technique will cut your handicap in half by making 40- to 60-yard pitch shots easier.

And in case you wonder why I'm posting this, it's because it fits right in with my last few posts about Cristie Kerr and Inbee Park's golf swings, which I nicknamed the Hammer Swing. This is a classic example of a way to use it in your short game.

Quarcelino demonstrates long arm pitching

Here's a simple summary of her instructions:
  • Setup: Very narrow stance, weight slightly forward, hands slightly ahead of the ball.
  • Keep your weight on your lead foot during the swing.
  • Keep your arms extended without adding much wrist cock. (Your wrists always cock a little because your trailing elbow bends. If you don't understand why, go back to the 3rd Hammer Swing post last week.)
  • Keep your arms extended all the way through to your finish. With a swing this short, you'll stay very centered and feel as if you pivot around your lead leg. (Actually, both legs do move but you'll feel it mostly in your lead leg because that's where your weight is.)
If you're having trouble hitting your pitches cleanly, this is one very simple way the Hammer Swing can help you improve.


  1. Patti McGowan has said I sometimes tend to over-release with my arms despite a good rotation

    1. I find using the narrow stance and then turn my hips slightly toward the target (open), this gets my weight and hands both forward as recommened. Has helped on these short pitch shots.

      Did anyone notice at the :52 second mark that someone splashed a golf ball into the pond behind Nancy?

    2. You got some sharp eyes there, Jeffrey! I wonder if the videographers noticed it?

  2. Wow - I never noticed that splash before! Thanks for the add - Ruthless!!!