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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Natalie Gulbis Shares Some Back Training Tips

Today I have a link to a video at Golf Magazine's site, with Natalie Gulbis showing five different exercises she uses to strengthen her back. As many of you know, Nats struggled with back problems for several seasons before getting her game back.

She uses these as warm-ups before playing but you can use them anytime.

Natalie Gulbis

The five exercises she demonstrates are:
  1. Hip Rotations
  2. Core Rotations
  3. Hip Circles
  4. Press-ups (she says this one is "the staple" of her tips)
  5. Lunge and Twists
Again, she suggests using these before you start a round but they're a simple set of exercises that you can do anytime to get your back -- especially your lower back -- stronger and more flexible.

With New Year's resolutions looming for most people, this might be something you'd like to make part of your exercise routine. It sounds like a 5-7 minute routine, so it won't push you too hard. But the variety of moves looks to give your lower back a good workout.

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