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Thursday, December 31, 2015

One Simple Golf Exercise You Might Want to Use

Here's my final exercise post of 2015 and it's an extremely simple exercise I found that could really help you finish your golf swing. It comes from a Golf Digest slideshow / article that has 16 core-strengthening exercises. This is slide #5.

The exercise is called a 'glute bridge' and it mimics your back and hip position when you push your hips forward during your weight shift and your belly button is facing the target during your finish. It works the glutes (that's your butt muscles, in case you don't know), hamstrings and lower back. I like it because it's simple and it doesn't require any special equipment.

Glute Bridges

I think the 'moving photo' above is pretty clear. You keep your arms laying out to your sides (palms up), your knees are bent, and you keep your toes off the ground throughout the move. (That's very important because raising your toes is what makes your hamstrings stretch. It's not dramatic but you can definitely feel it.)

Then all you do is push your hips up until your body is in a straight line all the way from your shoulders to your knees. Although Golf Digest doesn't say so, I think holding the top position for a second or two will help make you stronger without straining you.

Golf Digest recommends one set of 10 reps but I've taken this exercise out of a series of 16, some of which use leg bands and some of which use a medicine ball, so you can probably do more than that without much problem. Just adjust the number of sets and reps you do so it feels good when you incorporate this move into your own exercise program.

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