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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Not-a-Limerick Summary for 2015

I found myself with an interesting problem this week. Perhaps it's just the way the holidays fall this year or maybe it has to do with changes in the tour schedules, but we have an extra week without tournaments. Next week I'll do the final Limerick Summary of 2015, and the first of 2016 the week after that... but what could I do THIS week? I hated to break the regular "Monday in verse" routine, especially when it's probably the only routine I maintain on this blog.

Since GC has spent the week doing debates about what made 2015 so special, and since the youth movement has been a huge part of that -- and let's face it, it's probably the biggest part of the 2015 story as so many young players broke through with wins -- I decided to do a brief verse about this apparent changing of the guard. But it was too big for a limerick, so you get my Not-a-Limerick Summary. Hopefully you'll get a laugh from it.
A major for Day and for Johnson,
A couple of majors for Spieth—
But Phil’s winless season and Tiger’s bad back
Left both players grinding their teeth.

Then Fowler walked off with THE PLAYERS,
The Scottish and Deutsche Bank too.
The young guns are coming,
     they've got their games humming…
So hey, what’s an old guy to do?

Perhaps we’ll see more guys like Davis,
Who showed up at age 51,
Or more of those guys in their forties who posted
Some Top5s. You see? They’re not done.

It looks like a changeover’s coming
But don’t write the oldsters off yet.
Come twenty-sixteen, they’ll be loaded for bear
And start teaching those kids how to sweat.

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