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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chris DiMarco Hitting Driver Off the Deck

Look, I'm not advising you to try and hit driver off the deck. Given the design of modern 3-woods and how much more distance you can get with them, many instructors don't believe you should ever even try to do it.

But I'm posting this video of Chris DiMarco hitting driver off the deck on Morning Drive Thursday morning simply because it's awesome. He hits the shot twice, no tee, off that fake grass in their simulator. That's a really tight lie and should be very hard to do, yet DiMarco pures it. Twice. It's worth a look...

Just a note: If you want to try it, he says the key is to not try and help it up. The shot flies low because it's supposed to. Just accept that and try to make solid contact.

But will you hit it as pure as DiMarco? Don't expect me to bet on it! I think this is one of the sweetest videos GC has posted. Watch and dream, fellow golfers. Watch and dream...

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