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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Finding Your Fastest Swing Speed

Here's an interesting tip I found in a Golf Digest slideshow. Jeff Flagg, the 2014 Long Drive champ, did this set of tips on how to hit the ball farther. Here's his unusual tip on how to find the fastest speed you can swing at and still hit the ball solidly.

Jeff Flagg

Here's what he says:
Don't kid yourself by thinking you're going to pick up a lot of yards swinging at the same speed you do now. You need to swing your arms as fast as you can, but with one caveat: If you lose your balance or control, back it down a notch.

A great way to test your maximum arm speed is to make swings with your back foot up on its toes. Drop that foot about six inches farther away from the ball than normal, and stand it up. Now swing as fast as you can without sacrificing your balance. If you sway or stumble, you're going too hard. Speed is king in the long-drive world, but if you can't hit it in the center of the clubface, it's meaningless.
I like this because it's also an easy quick check any time you're on the golf course as well. If your timing gets off, you can make a practice swing and adjust your speed until you can keep your balance.

Might be an easy way to pick up a few yards and still put the ball in the fairway.

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