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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Improving Your Golf Swing with DARTS?

This is definitely one of the wildest -- and perhaps coolest -- golf drills I've ever seen. Instructor Erika Larkin wants you to throw darts to learn how to swing your clubs!

The idea is pretty interesting. While throwing darts at a dartboard laying on the ground -- with the bull's-eye roughly where your ball position would be -- sounds strange, it WILL get you teach you how a proper release works. And it will certainly teach you how to keep your trailing elbow bent until late in your downswing, which is a primary key if you want to pick up distance.

However, she really should have pointed out that if you "release the dart late and inward" you will do more than miss the dartboard. You just might puncture your foot! So if you try this, by all means BE CAREFUL!

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