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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Match Your Putter to Your Full Swing Shot Shape?

This is one of the most unusual putting tips I've ever heard, and it actually makes sense to me although it's a very unusual approach to fitting a putter.

Take a look at this video from Golf Magazine Top100 Instructor Jerry King on matching your putter to your full swing shot shape. I can't embed the video in this post so you'll have to pop over and watch it. It's short, less than 3 minutes. But I will summarize what he says.

In a nutshell, King says:
  • If you draw the ball, you naturally have a putting stroke that makes an arc -- just like your draw swing -- so a toe-weighted putter allows you to take advantage of that natural motion.
  • And if you fade the ball, you naturally stand so a straight back-and-through stroke is your natural putting stroke -- after all, your fade swing doesn't arc around you as much -- so a face-balanced putter allows you to take advantage of THAT natural motion.
What fascinates me about this is the idea that you're attempting to use a natural motion that you already have, which makes perfect sense. Why fight your natural tendencies if you can make them work for you? It means you need less practice to keep your stroke in shape.

The video tells you how to address the ball to make this work, so take a look and see if it helps you with the flat stick. Trust me, the less you think about mechanics when you putt, the better your putts are going to be.

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