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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Michael Breed on How Setup Varies from Club to Club

Since so many of us are stuck inside with bad weather, I thought I'd post something you can practice indoors -- no matter how low your ceiling is or how cramped you are for space. Here's a video from Michael Breed on how setup varies from wedges to driver.

I hope you picked up the basic principle from that. At address, the trail shoulder is always lower than the lead shoulder. But the length of the club changes how that looks, and that's why we need to practice our address position.

With a short club like a wedge, you are more bent over so the difference in shoulder height doesn't look so pronounced. With a long club like your driver, you stand taller so the difference in shoulder height is more noticeable.

Because the trail hand is always lower on the handle than the lead hand, you end up leaning away from the target slightly. Some players open their shoulders so they don't have to get that little side bend at the waist, and that causes all kinds of problems, especially with the longer clubs. You want to keep your shoulders square and your trail shoulder slightly lower than your lead shoulder.

This is something you can practice indoors during the winter. You can even do it in front of a mirror so you get immediate feedback. A few minutes a day will be enough. And it will have an immediate effect on your game once you get back out on the course.

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