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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Two Moves to Help Your Back

This little video is from Golf Digest's Fitness Friday series. It has a couple of unusual moves to help relax and stretch the 'soft tissue' in your middle back.

Just a couple of observations here.

Although Cummings talks about 'digging into' your muscle tissue, he doesn't mean you should hurt yourself. If you've ever tried to massage a muscle, you know you have to use a bit more pressure on the muscle than you might expect... but you don't want to cause bruises.

Cummings specifically mentions that you can use a tennis ball in a sock to get the same results, and I think that's a better approach for most people. The ball has some give to it and the sock gives you a way to keep from dropping it. You just hold the end of the sock and put the ball between your back and the wall, then wiggle around a bit to get the effect of a massage.

As for that stretching routine, the 'sliding device' he's using looks to me like one of those pads you put under heavy furniture so you can slide it across the floor. But I bet you can get the same result with another sock -- just stick your hand into it and let it slide along the wall.

Cummings recommends maybe 30 seconds of each movement. Remember, you don't have to go overboard with stretches and exercises to get results. Don't think you have to live in a gym the way some of the pros do, just to get more fit. In fact, you'll probably get better results with less risk of injury if you take things slow.

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