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Friday, February 19, 2016

So You Still Can't Activate Your Glutes?

Humor me here -- I have a serious reason for this post. But even I know how funny this sounds, so stay with me.

Ever since Tiger talked about his glutes not activating on the course, it seems the phrase won't go away.

Here's what I find most humorous about the whole thing. I love knowing that after all the TV analysts made fun of Tiger, the fitness guys came out and said Tiger was completely correct and that 'glute activation' was important in a golf swing. Now it seems everybody has a method for activating those stubborn old butt muscles.

Today I'm posting a Golf Digest video with a simple butt exercise you can do without any special equipment -- except your conveniently located kitchen sink. Instructor Ralph Simpson calls them single leg sit backs.

As I said, I have a serious reason for posting this.

While we tend to focus on golf-centric exercises, the fact remains that healthy hips are vitally important for a normal life, whether we're playing golf or not. Strong hips do more than help your golf game; they help you function during the day. And since most of us have jobs where we sit a lot, it's important to find easy ways to keep them strong.

This exercise is something you can do in a few minutes, almost anywhere, several times a day. And since Simpson says this exercise works your butt muscles in a way that normal squats don't, this is an exercise worth knowing.

So this post is for your glutes. Keep 'em healthy and activated!

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