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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Three-Step Leg Workout

Golf Digest ran an article with this quickie three-exercise leg strengthening routine that looks really simple while still working your legs in a number of different ways. They recommend a mere 8 to 12 reps of each exercise -- of course, since each leg is worked separately, that means you have to do each exercise twice to get both legs.

Lateral squats

The first one, pictured above, is a lateral squat. Pretty much self-explanatory, huh? One leg bends while the other stays straight.

The other two exercises have 'moving photos' ('gifs' for all you computer geeks out there) to demonstrate the movements:
  • The prisoner split squats look a lot like lunges to me.
  • And the single-leg deadlifts remind me of those old 'drinking bird' toys. Remember them? You put a glass of water in front of them and they bobbed up and down, getting lower and lower, until their beaks dipped into the water. Then they popped back up and started all over again.
Bear in mind that you don't have to go as low as possible if that means you can't get back up! Go down only as far as you can without hurting yourself. Over time you'll get stronger and can go lower if you want.

As I have said before, I love exercise routines that are short and simple. You don't have to spend hours in a gym to get stronger.

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