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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Golf Digest's New Golf Ball Hot List

Today I'm just passing on a link to the new Golf Ball Hot List from Golf Digest. Let's face it, choosing a golf ball has become far more difficult than choosing clubs, simply because we can understand things like perimeter weighting, how it looks and how it works. Not so with balls -- they all just look round and dimply. (And occasionally a different color, but that doesn't affect how they fly. Or at least I don't think so...)

Stylized drawing of the insides of a golf ball

Golf Digest broke the balls into three categories:
  • over $35
  • $26 to $35
  • under $26
and ranked them with 1 to 5 stars for a number of different characteristics within each category. (Half stars indicate the ball is near the top of that ranking.) As a general rule, the more expensive balls rank higher because they have more technology in them. Each ball is shown in cross-section (so you can see what it looks like inside) with a brief explanation of how the construction affects the ball's performance.

I admit that I had no idea the balls looked so different inside, given that each of them is basically just layers of high-tech material wrapped around a core. If you're looking for a new ball, be sure to check this guide out. It may save you a lot of experimentation.


  1. The word 'Golf' is the modified name of Colf which used to be played as a fun game in Holland in the 15th century.