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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One More Look at Ha Na Jang's Swing

If you saw the photo of Ha Na Jang I used in the Bent Elbow Drill series (and how could you miss it? I had it in almost every post!), this is the video I snagged it from. And given the torrid winning streak Ha Na is creating on the LPGA this season, especially after that dominating win this past week, I thought I'd post the actual video. It's from a practice round at the 2015 LPGA season finale.

I just want you to appreciate how simple this swing is. And after those eight posts I did, you should now know enough to understand exactly how she does it. The video gets progressively slower as it goes on, and thus it's easier to pick out details. Take a few moments to watch it and learn from it.

And on the off-chance you missed it (just what were you doing this weekend?), here's Ha Na's Beyoncé-inspired celebration dance from her win this past weekend.

I know it's easier to enjoy yourself when you're playing this well, but Ha Na always seems to have a smile on her face, no matter how her day is going. You can learn from that as well, since it's easier to have a good day when you're having fun.