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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Danny Willett Talks Equipment

Here's a link to Golf Digest's interview with Danny Willett about his equipment. I found it very interesting because it's a fairly detailed explanation of what clubs he uses and why they're set up the way they are.

Danny Willett

Among the more informative parts of the interview, Danny says that:
  • he doesn't tinker with his equipment very much -- when he finds something that works, he usually sticks with it
  • he doesn't play blades because he doesn't hit them high enough, which is something most amateurs never take into account when they want to copy their favorite players
  • he wants his clubs to look a certain way at address, and he's very particular about it when he gets his clubs set up
He also said the biggest equipment mistakes he sees amateurs make are (1) using drivers that don't have enough loft and (2) using shafts that are too stiff.

Most pros don't go into this much detail about how they choose their equipment. Danny's interview may help you avoid some big mistakes next time you get new clubs.

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