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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Golf Magazine's New Hybrid Guide

Actually, Golf Magazine's new equipment guide includes reviews of 20 hybrids and 16 fairway woods. And it includes a wide variety of styles -- I've posted the photo of the Ping G Crossover hybrid just so you can see that they included more than the standard 'thick head' clubs.

Ping G Crossover hybrid

Below I've included the links to the four groupings that Golf Magazine created for this guide. Note that Page 1 is the same as the link in the first paragraph of this post:
There are also TWO videos on the first page. After you watch the one about the hybrids, it's followed by a second one about the fairway woods.

As usual, Golf Magazine enlisted players with a variety of handicaps to conduct the tests, in hopes of getting a better idea of how effective the various club designs were. And the testers say that all the club models provided more consistent performance across the board than last year's batch did.

If you're in the market for a new scoring weapon this year, hopefully this guide will save you a little time and money.

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