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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Martin Hall on Clubface Awareness

This was on Morning Drive earlier this week but it bears repeating. Phil Mickelson may have made the term 'clubface awareness' a buzzword but Martin Hall did a great explanation of it in this short video.

Here's an enlargement of that glove:

Clubface orientation drawn on glove

THIS IS IMPORTANT. Notice that the toe of the clubface is up in the palm, near the pad of the thumb. It is NOT down in the fingers! If you swing as if the toe of the club is down in your fingers, you're probably going to scoop with the club and hit the ball thin!

Let me repeat this: You have to use your thumb pad to square the clubface, not your fingers. This is a key thing to know if you want to square the clubface properly at impact. It won't take much practice to learn what it feels like to do it correctly.

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