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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Secret History of Tiger Woods

Today I'm just giving you a link, but it's one helluva link! ESPN reporter Wright Thompson has spent something over a year doing a piece on the last decade of Tiger's life, since his dad died. It's called The Secret History of Tiger Woods and, unlike so many things that have been written, it's a huge piece -- around 11,000 words -- and Thompson talked to a lot of people who know him, like Michael Jordan and other friends.

Tiger and Notah Begay III

I haven't read the whole thing yet -- as I said, it's huge -- but ESPN had Thompson on some of their shows Thursday and spent an entire episode of Outside the Lines talking to Thompson. And Thompson's take on what Tiger has gone through is very different from what you might expect...
In essence, Thompson said he has been struck by just how much Tiger is like the rest of us. And he said that anybody who learns about what Tiger has been through and doesn't feel compassion for him simply isn't human.
Ironically, Thompson also said he doesn't intend to be an apologist for Tiger. It's just that his investigation found that Tiger is a mass of contradictions just like the rest of us, a introvert who is far more comfortable playing with his kids and the dog or reading a book than being a superstar, a son who struggled with his father's death more deeply than most fans realize.

The piece is, in large part, about the complicated relationship between Tiger and his dad. And between what I heard from the author on TV and what I've read so far, this is a fascinating piece that I have no problem recommending. It's not about Tiger the superstar but about Tiger the human being, and that's unusual.

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