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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Zach Johnson on Making Better Short Game Scores

Golf Magazine has posted a new instructional article by Zach Johnson on how to score better. Click the link in that last sentence to read the whole thing, but I'm going to focus on his tips for betters short game scores.

Zach Johnson

Zach has three tips for around the green. His first is what he calls his 75% Short Game Secret, which simply means he chooses only shots that he can pull off 75% of the time. When you miss the green, your goal is to avoid making a big number. And the best way to avoid a big number is to try a recovery shot you'll hit well most of the time, not an all-or-nothing shot. Make sure you can get the ball onto the putting surface in one shot.

Second, he always tries to get the ball past the pin with his chip or pitch. He says he usually picks a spot several feet past the hole. Why? Because you'll have to hit the shot with more oomph, and that's going to put a bit more spin on the shot. A solidly hit shot will stop more quickly when it hits the green.

Finally, he says to fall in love with just one of your wedges. I love this tip! Purists say you need to get good with every wedge in your bag if you want to post a low score. Zach says you'll make better shots if you're confident with your wedge, so you should get good with the wedge that you feel most comfortable hitting. Think of it as your go-to wedge.

Zach Johnson is respected on Tour because he almost always finds a way to post a good score. Check out his article and learn a few things from a recognized master.

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