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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Annabel Rolley's Chair-Twist Pose for Flexibility

This yoga-style flexibility exercise from Annabel Rolley reminds me of the drill my teacher gave me to teach me how to coil and how to use my legs correctly, all at once. (My stance was wider because we were actually swinging a club, but you get the idea.)

The video explains it in fewer words than I can here, but I snagged this still to help you remember it. Essentially, you put your feet together and squat -- try to keep your feet flat on the floor -- until you're almost in a sitting position. (Your upper body will be leaning forward, of course. Otherwise you'll fall down.) Then you cross your arms across your chest and try to rotate your shoulders -- Martin Hall would say your 'thorax' or chest -- and hold the position briefly before rotating the other way.

Annabel Rolley beginning the twist part of the stretch

This stretch will help you become stronger, more flexible through your back and hips, and also help your balance. Not bad for a single exercise!

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