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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

GC's National Instruction Day Schedule

Most of you have heard that GC, in cooperation with the PGA of America, is running a National Instruction Day today. There's going to be LIVE instruction all day, broadcast from six different sites around the US.

You can get the full details about it here, but I've copied the TV schedule into this post so you can find the instructor(s) you're interested in watching more quickly. After all, when you can get this much free instruction, why not take advantage of it?

National Instruction Day TV Schedule (all times ET):
7am-10am: Morning Drive (Orlando, Fla.)

10am-11am: Baltusrol Golf Club (Springfield Township, N.J.)
                   Lead Instructor: Michael Breed
                   Guest Instructors: Lou Guzzi, Tom Henderson
                   Special Guest: Derek Sprague, President, PGA of America

11am-noon: Tranquilo Golf Club (Lake Buena Vista, Fla.)
                   Lead Instructor: Martin Hall
                   Guest Instructors: Jim McLean, Craig Harmon
                   Golf Channel Host: Sara Brown

2pm-3pm: Keeton Park Golf Course (Dallas)
                   Lead Instructor: Cameron McCormick
                   Guest Instructors: Tony Martinez, Randy Smith
                   Golf Channel Host: Matt Adams

4pm-5pm: Cog Hill Golf & Country Club (Lemont Township, Ill.)
                   Lead Instructor: Stan Utley
                   Guest Instructors: Todd Sones, Kevin Weeks
                   Golf Channel Host: Charlie Rymer

6pm-7pm: Golf Central (Orlando, Fla.)
                   Special Guests: National Instruction Day instructors

7pm-8pm: Fossil Trace Golf Club (Golden, Colo.)
                   Lead Instructor: Hank Haney
                   Guest Instructors: Trent Wearner, Sandy LaBauve
                   Golf Channel Host: Brian Crowell

8pm-9pm: TPC Harding Park (San Francisco)
                   Lead Instructor: David Leadbetter
                   Guest Instructors: Suzy Whaley, Secretary, PGA of America;
                                                 Josh Zander
                   Golf Channel Host: Lisa Cornwell

9pm-11pm: Golf Channel Studio A (Orlando, Fla.)
                   Lead Instructors: Michael Breed, Martin Hall
                   Guest Instructors: Mike Bender, Cheryl Anderson

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