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Friday, May 6, 2016

Some Trick Shot Drills

A week or so ago I did a post called A PGA Tour Card Is the Real Trick, about trick shot wizard Wesley Bryan winning twice on the Tour and locking up his PGA Tour card for next year. I also suggested that practicing some trick shots could help improve your game.

Well, it seems that Golf Digest agrees with me and did an article on the very same thing! It's called Trick Shots Can Make You a Better Golfer. Here's How.

Wesley and George Bryan

I'm not going to repeat the whole article here -- it explains how trick shots can help your game -- but I did want to mention the two drills that it recommends to help you get better.

One is the 'basic shotmaker' drill. You simply take a 6-iron (to be honest, I imagine a 7-iron or 5-iron would work just as well), pick a target and try to hit a draw or hook around it. Keep trying until you're successful, then try to hit a fade or slice around the same target. Again, keep trying until you're successful and then go back to the draw/hook. If you spend ten minutes at this drill each time you practice, you'll soon get where you can draw or fade on command.

The other drill is the 'classic trick shot', which Tiger made popular. You just bounce the ball on your wedge a few times before smacking it in mid-air. The article says this will improve your coordination and wrist/hand strength, but I bet it will also help you learn to find the bottom of your swing so you don't go right under the ball in thick rough.

Luke Benoit, the teacher Golf Digest talked to for the article, suggests a trick shot session -- he gives more ideas for things you can try -- as an alternative to just beating balls on the range. He says you'll be a better golfer for the effort.

It sounds like more fun too.

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