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Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Quick Reminder of the US Open TV Schedule

The reason for this post is simple: The US Open is being broadcast on the FOX Network these days, and that means some of the coverage won't be available for everybody.

FOX's Joe Buck

First, here are the hours for FOX's TV coverage. All the times are ET.
    • FOXSPORTS1 10am-5pm
    • FOX Network 5pm-8pm
    • FOXSPORTS1 10am-5pm
    • FOX Network 5pm-8pm
  • SATURDAY: FOX Network 11am-7pm
  • SUNDAY: FOX Network 11am-7pm
But there's more coverage available with online simulcasts from 10am-8pm ET on (or 11am-7pm ET if you go by's listing).

And various feature groups will be covered on You can find all the details for those in this CBS Sports post.

And just in case you're worried that the FOX will be as awkward as they were last year, youi might want to check out this article about the changes FOX made for this year. It's called 9 Reasons to Be Optimistic That FOX's U.S. Open Coverage Will Be Better at Oakmont. Part of the reason is that FOX raided ESPN's golf crew for this year so lead man Joe Buck will have a better team around him. (And just for the record, I thought Joe Buck did a pretty good job last year, especially for his first time.)

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