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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ben Shear's New Core Workout (Video)

Golf Digest has started a new three-video series on core exercises that are aimed at the specific needs of golfers. The first one uses three static exercises in a half-kneeling position, and that's the one I have here.

Although the video shows each exercise to only one side, obviously you need to reverse position and do them the other way as well. And although there are two people demonstrating these exercises, you could clip the exercise band in a doorway and do them by yourself.

They're doing this as part of their Fitness Friday series, so the next one should be out next week. Next week's video is supposed to be static exercises while standing, and the last one will focus on dynamic core exercises.

I'm bringing this to your attention simply because -- at least in this first video -- the exercises are neither complicated nor do they require a lot of room. And if the other videos use a minimum of exercises like this one, the total workout shouldn't take much time either. We'll have to see what Shear comes up with next week.

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