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Friday, June 3, 2016

Jordan Spieth's Heart Array Drill

Golf Digest posted this video from Jordan's coach Cameron McCormick demonstrating the "Heart Array" drill. It's a simple concept -- hit six shot shapes that, if you show the flight traces all together, form a heart pattern. And you try to hit the six shapes in as few shots as you can.

Just take a look at the video. It'll all make sense.

The instructions are pretty clear, but I snagged this still from the video; it shows the three ball positions for the various shots. Please note that halfway between Cameron's heels -- the middle of his stance -- is the gap between the back and middle balls. That means the middle ball for the normal (middle trajectory) shot is just ahead of center. It may not work out exactly that way for your swing, but it gives you an idea what position to start with.

The three ball positions you use for the drill

It may make you feel better to note that Cameron wasn't able to do the drill very easily either. Just take a look at the traces for his shots as he demonstrates them! You may find it easier to start with just focusing on the fade and draw using the middle ball position -- as he suggests near the end of the video -- and then try to increase the amount of sideways movement. Then you can move on to the varied trajectories.

If nothing else, it will be a good way to break up your normal practice routine with a drill that feels more like a game.

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