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Friday, June 17, 2016

More New Putters

It's US Open weekend. We're all too busy to read long posts. So I'm linking you to a new Golf Digest slideshow of seven new and unusual game improvement putters you can buy. And since you can't help but think about putting during an Open -- especially when it's held at Oakmont -- this is a really good time for me to post it!

For example, this is the Directed Force Reno, which is designed to act like a mallet putter (to improve off-center hits) but also square the face better at impact. I don't know if I'd want to use one, but I think it's a really cool design.

Directed Force Reno

And this is the Happy Putter Tour Mallet, which you may have seen some of the players using on the Tours. You can adjust the lie, loft, weight and even the aim line on top.

Happy Putter Tour Mallet

Most of these putters are truly unusual-looking. If you're curious about the new crop of putters and just can't stand a "normal" putter, maybe one of these would do the trick. They're all certainly good examples of fresh thinking.

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