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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rocco on Wedge Play

Yesterday I mentioned Rocco Mediate in my post about Ariya Jutanugarn's swing. So it seems only appropriate to give Rocco a post of his own today, so you can see what I was talking about.

Rocco says that his wedge swing is the same as his 'regular' swing, just shorter and/or softer. (That is, he doesn't swing as fast.) But since that's so, this is an excellent chance to see just how simple an effective golf swing can be. Bear in mind that this is the golf swing that just won the Senior PGA Championship, so it truly is an effective golf swing.

Note that Rocco uses a normal width stance and makes a normal weight shift, even on his short shots. Again, he keeps things simple... and he has a great short game.

And just for the sake of clarity, when Rocco talks about 'trick shots' being different, he's talking about things like high lobs and such where you flip your hands or twist your wrists on purpose. Most of the time, Rocco swings just the way you see in this video.

So, even if you don't intend to swing like Rocco, I think it's a good thing if you just watch him swing every so often. Having this simple, rhythmic swing pictured clearly in your mind can really help when your own swing starts to feel too complicated.

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