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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bubba's Got a JETPACK???

I kid you not. Here's a picture of Bubba's new jet-powered golf cart -- as well as his hovercart, which you've seen before -- from the Oakley website. Yes, it's a bonafide jetpack!

Bubba and his jetpack

I've also got a video of said "jetcart" in action. I first saw this at Golf Digest, but there's a lot more about it popping up on the Web.

According to the Oakley site:
"The BW-Air is equipped with a bespoke rotary 210 horsepower engine that allows it to climb as high as 3,000 ft with air speeds up to 46 mph. It also has all the features of a typical golf cart, including space for clubs, sand bottle holders and everything else you need for a great round."
They've made no secret that this is a promo for golf's reappearance in the Rio Olympics... but that doesn't make it any less cool.

Dang. Why does Bubba get to have all the fun?


  1. That is going to hurt when he flies face first into someone's remote control drone.

    1. Especially if it's David Feherty's drone -- you know, the one delivering Bridgestone golf balls in the commercials. Feherty can't control that thing even when it's alone in the air. ;-)