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Friday, July 1, 2016

Coach Justin Bruton on Controlling Shot Shape (Two Videos)

Today I have two short videos with tips that might save you some strokes. In the first video, GCA Lead Coach Justin Bruton talks about how to straighten your tee shot when you HAVE to hit the fairway.

Then, in a seemingly contradictory video, he shows you how to control a slice or a hook by changing your trajectory.

Apparently contradictory, but it depends on what problem you're facing.

In the first video, he wants you to hit the ball higher to put more backspin on the ball. That tends to make the ball fly straighter; it's the reason that wedge shots tend to fly straighter than drives. But this advice assumes that you've got pretty good control of your game that day, and you just need to make sure you don't overdraw or overfade the shot.

But what if you're struggling to keep your ball on the fairway to start with? Now you move to the advice in the second video.

If you're struggling with a hook, the natural ball flight is a duck hook -- a low shot. In this case, hitting the ball higher puts more backspin on the ball and the shot tends to straighten out.

But if you're struggling with a slice, you're almost certainly hitting the ball too high -- a shot notoriously known as a 'crop duster'. In this case, lowering the trajectory straightens the shot because you have to square up the face in order to hit the ball lower.

So the advice you should use depends on whether you're in control of your shot and just have a tight fairway to hit... or whether you're struggling to hit a fairway period. Obviously these fixes are meant to be used in the middle of a round, not to be permanent changes to your swing. Fix the problem on the range, but use these tips if you need help during the round.