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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Henrik Stenson on Ball Position

A very short post today, but one that may help many of you improve your iron game dramatically. Golf Digest did a post with three tips from Henrik Stenson on how to make better contact. I want to focus on his tip concerning ball position.

Henrik at setup

For all of his stock iron shots -- that means all normal shots from a good lie -- Henrik uses the exact same ball position relative to his lead foot. In order to "move" the ball forward in his stance for his longer irons, he merely widens his stance by moving his trailing foot back a bit. That moves his upper body back a little, giving him the same result as if he had actually moved the ball.

The advantage? He simplifies his address position and makes it easier to get the ball in the same position each time for each iron.

This is a trick that many players use. You may have heard it before, but I'm sure many of you haven't. And given how well Henrik is playing at Troon this week, it's clear that it's working well for him! Perhaps it will work for you too.

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