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Saturday, July 30, 2016

How Many Drops Did Jordan Get? (Video)

This is a short post but it's about something I learned Friday. This is the video of Jordan's media questions after his round, concerning the complex drop he got. The video came from this page at, where you can also see footage of the actual ruling again. (Use that link if the video doesn't show up below for some reason.)

Anyway, here's the video:

What I learned is that you can get multiple drops for casual water relief, or you can take only one, but after you get the ruling you can change your stance so you're standing in the casual water anyway. That was a new one on me!

Jordan took a stance to get relief from the water so his ball was on dry gravel. However, after that ruling was made to the satisfaction of the official, Jordan was allowed to change his stance. The new stance wouldn't have given him complete relief from the original position; but once the original ruling was made, the new stance would have meant getting a new ruling... which he chose not to get.

To make things even more confusing, Brandel Chamblee believes Jordan could have taken that new "relief from casual water" ruling with the new stance, then asked for another ruling to get a drop from the gravel. Brandel believes that would have let him get a drop in the grass on the right side of the cartpath (the right of the video at that shows the actual ruling, that is), which would have given him a clearer shot at the green.

In any case, knowing that little quirk of the "casual water" rule could help some of you in a tournament sometime... or at least, it might save you a call to the TV station wondering if it's a rules infraction!

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