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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Full NBC/Golf Channel Open Schedule

Geoff Shackelford did an article for Golf Digest about how GC and NBC are planning to make sure their first year of Open coverage is really solid. The article makes for interesting reading, as it gives you all the dirt on who will do the production work, the announcing and even the music.

But the most important part is the complete broadcast schedule for the event, starting this morning (Wednesday). I've reprinted that schedule below. Please note that GC is going to broadcast 14.5 STRAIGHT HOURS OF ACTUAL OPEN GOLF COVERAGE on both Thursday and Friday, in addition to the standard before and after wrap-up shows. And that's not including the 10.5 STRAIGHT HOURS of combined GC and NBC coverage on both Saturday and Sunday.


NBC/Golf Channel Programming at the 145TH Open
(All Times EST)
  • Wednesday, July 13
    • Golf Central Live From The Open -- 8 AM -- 1 PM / 7-9 PM
    • Morning Drive -- 11:30 PM -- 1:30 AM
  • Thursday & Friday, July 14-15
    • 1:30 AM -- 4 PM (Golf Channel)
    • Golf Central Live 4 PM -- 5 PM
  • Saturday, July 16
    • 4 AM -- 7 AM (Golf Channel)
    • 7 AM -- 2:30 PM (NBC)
    • Golf Central Live 8 PM -- 9 PM
  • Sunday, July 17
    • 4 AM -- 7 AM (Golf Channel)
    • 7 AM -- 2 PM (NBC)
    • Golf Central Live 6 PM -- 7 PM
Given that GC and NBC already have decades of experience doing this kind of live coverage -- as opposed to FOX, who are still feeling their way through their first couple of years -- this has the potential to be one of the best-televised majors ever. I'm really looking forward to this!

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