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Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Beef" Continues His PGA Tour Quest

In the first of the Tour Finals events, Bryson DeChambeau locked up his Tour card. Andrew "Beef" Johnston, by comparison, only made $6910 -- probably around $30,000 short of the magic number.

But he's got three more tries, and this week he's at the Albertsons Boise Open to narrow the gap.

Andrew 'Beef' Johnston

There are quite a few former PGA Tour winners in the field this week, as well as some hungry Tour players who didn't make The25 during the regular season. But you can be sure that Beef doesn't feel all that much pressure. In fact, as he told, he's enjoying himself:
“The more I’ve shown it [his personality], the better I’ve played,” he said. “If people want a high-five, or pictures, I love it. Everywhere I go, I feel like I’m at home. It’s a real good feeling.
He feels like he's in a good place -- a feeling many of his fellow competitors wish they had -- and says he has nothing to lose.
“It’s just good timing to come and give it a chance,” Johnston said on a cool, London-like Wednesday at Hillcrest Country Club on the rationale for why he was playing in the Tour Finals. “I have exemptions in Europe until 2018. I’m in good position to give it a go. You want to play the best events wherever they are, and America has a lot of them. If I can get a card and play some of the best events in America and the best in Europe, it’s a great schedule for the whole year.”
The initial weather report for Hillcrest Country Club in Boise ID is light wind, 42% humidity and 62℉ today. Craig Perks said the conditions will likely favor a winning score around -15, which is one of the lower scores to win at this course. That could play out well for Beef, as he has been in double digits only a couple of times this year.

Of course, I doubt that stats bother him very much. If attitude can get him a Tour card, he's a sure thing. A couple of Top15 finishes are probably all he needs.

Beef tees off today at 1:34pm MT, which is 3:34pm ET -- and that means he should get some TV time. GC's broadcast window today is from 3pm-6pm ET.

The photo came from this article at The article was done in July, and it's as entertaining as the photo!

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