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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beef's New Arby's Commercials (Video)

The Arby's logoI guess most of you know that Andrew "Beef" Johnston recently signed a sponsorship deal with Arby's. They've already made three commercials with him, and you can find all three of them in this Golf Digest article. But I decided to post one of them here.

One of the commercials is a strange one with Beef saving a fox from hunters, and one has him putting a ball down a staircase while an older man rides up on a motorized chair. But I chose the one with his five-year-old niece in it. She's cute.

The word is that Beef ate at an Arby's a few weeks back and fell in love with the place. (Trust me, I understand. Arby's is one of my favorite places to eat.) So for my overseas readers, let me tell you just a bit about Arby's since it doesn't have any restaurants outside of the US except in Qatar and Turkey.

Arby's was started in 1964 and it's one of the largest fast food restaurants we have. They don't sell hamburgers, never have. Arby's became known right from the start for their sliced roast beef sandwiches, and over the years they have branched out with all kinds of sandwiches, subs and gyros. They sell roast beef, bacon, turkey, chicken, ham, corned beef, smoked brisket, angus steak, even fish.

But to this day they still don't sell burgers.

If you want to know how good the food is... I have a friend in Brazil who, every time he visits us, the first place he wants to go is Arby's. If you visit the US, you simply have to go to an Arby's or you have missed something special.

Anyway, about that voice at the end of the commercial, the one that sounds kind of like James Earl Jones saying "We have the beef!" -- That's not something they started after Beef signed up with them. They've been doing that for a few years now. If you remember the old "Where's the beef?" commercials that Wendy's used to do back in the 1980s... well, Wendy's and Arby's were owned by the same company for a while. This "We have the beef!" campaign started not long after Arby's was sold.

So this was a tailor-made opportunity for Beef. Arby's gets a very popular sports figure... and I bet Beef gets unlimited roast beef sandwiches.

I don't blame him. I'd have taken the deal as well. ;-)

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