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Friday, September 16, 2016

Butch Harmon on Chipping with a Hybrid (Video)

Butch has another chipping video at Golf Digest, this one on chipping with a hybrid. Let's take a look:

The tip is simple enough:
  • Play the ball back off your trailing foot. (Looks to me like it's just ahead of his big toe).
  • Get the hybrid's shaft as upright (vertical) as you comfortably can.
  • Grip down on the shaft, even actually onto the shaft a little.
Butch says he uses his putting grip, although that's not a requirement. However, this IS a putting motion so that might help you make a more solid stroke.

This really isn't any different than using the similar technique with an iron. However, a hybrid's shaft is longer -- that might be a consideration as to which club you use.

Likewise, you might also want to consider how well the ball is sitting. Either club may work well if you've got a good lie. But if the ball is down a bit, you might find that one club works better for you than the other. A few attempts with each on the practice green should tell you which club you use best.

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