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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fred Couples on How to Swing Like Him (Video)

Here's an old Golf Digest video from 2013 I found where Fred Couples tells you how to swing like him.

Here are the three things he says.
  • He makes sure he gets a full shoulder turn.
  • But check this second one out. You've been told to focus on starting your downswing with your lower body. However, Fred says:
    "And once I get the shoulder turn back I don't think about the change of direction, it just happens. But once I start coming, my hips will come this way but my club does not follow my hips."
    I'll come back to this one. But when it comes to focusing on hip drive to start your downswing, note that Long Drive champion Jeff Flagg says the same thing (see Tip #3).
  • And then he talks about releasing the club down the line instead of following his hips.
In a previous post I said that I believe hip action is almost automatic if you do your shoulder turn properly. Since a full shoulder turn pulls your lead hip back, you can't turn back to the ball without that lead hip moving forward, which creates your weight shift. And when he says that his hips "come this way," he means that his lead hip moves away from the ball because his lead knee straightens.

Also note that he says his club does not follow his hips. That means his club doesn't "go left" the way many instructors are currently recommending. The reason is simple: Fred doesn't exaggerate his hip move the way many players do these days. So if he jerked his club dramatically to the inside, he'd hit a duck hook.

Please note that Fred Couples doesn't need exaggerated hip drive to hit the ball a long way. He gets his distance by making a long full swing and hitting the ball solid. This may come as a surprise to many of you -- most instructors never mention it -- but the more you exaggerate your lower body motion during the swing, the harder it is to return the club face accurately to hit the ball. Fred gets added distance by releasing the club when his hands are above and even with the ball, NOT BEFORE.

Yes, folks, as hard as it is to believe, if you want to hit the ball like Fred Couples, you have to use your hands and forearms. I have a series of posts on The Route 67 Posts page called The Swoosh at the Bottom that can help you get a feel for what he means if you're interested.

At any rate, I know a number of you are fascinated by Fred's swing. Since this video is his, I thought you might be interested. Enjoy!

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