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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Jordan Spieth on the 50-Yard Low Check Spinner (Video)

I thought you guys might enjoy this little lesson. In this Titleist video Jordan Spieth demonstrates how to hit a 50-yard shot that comes in low with spin, checks then trickles up to the hole.

Here are the main points from the video:
  • Jordan sets up as he normally would for a short shot, with his weight slightly more on his lead foot. He moves the ball just slightly back of center toward his trail foot.
  • He says he has the clubface slightly open although a square face is okay. Since the open face would give it a bit more spin, I imagine you'd want to open the face on shots where the green runs down away from you, and perhaps square the face on uphill greens.
  • Finally, Jordan says you're aiming to land the ball in a 3-foot circle.
It's worth noting that he says the green he's chipping to in the video has a bit of a hump in it. It's a little uphill for about 12 feet then it starts running downhill away from him. He's aiming to land the ball on the uphill part. From there he expects the ball to hop once, check and then roll out.

One other point: This is not a "hinge and hold" shot. Although you don't want to flip your wrists at the ball, the way you might when playing a flop shot, you do want to unhinge your wrists as you strike the ball. You hinge your wrists on the way back, then you unhinge them as you strike the ball. The shaft should be in a straight line with your lead forearm at impact or just past the ball. And yes, that will guarantee that you're still accelerating the club when you hit the ball.

A very cool shot to have in your arsenal, demonstrated by one of the Tour's best chippers.

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