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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Of Course You Get Beef from a Bull (Video)

This really needs no explanation, but here goes: The UK magazine Today's Golfer decided to interview Andrew "Beef" Johnston while he was riding a mechanical bull. Happens every day, right?

Beef on a mechanical bull

He didn't do so well, but it's sure fun to watch. Here, have a look for yourself:

Fortunately he's a pro golfer and not a pro bullrider. Granted, he's unlikely to win the British Masters this week -- he went from one off the lead after two rounds to eight back after three -- but he's got his card on two tours and we're all looking forward to seeing him play all over the world for the next couple of years.

Also fortunately, he's enjoying all the attention. Even when he's being thrown from a mechanical bull.

Now if he can just avoid getting hurt. At least he's not having a kickaround -- I guess Rory warned him about that. Much safer to ride the bull... ?

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