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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Patrick Reed on Driving (Video)

So you want to dominate your driver the way Patrick Reed does? Here's a Golf Digest video from a couple months back where Patrick shares his tips on three different types of drives.

I'm not going to try and summarize Patrick's tips, simply because they're a bit unusual and you'll do better if you see them. However, there are two things here I think are interesting.

For one thing, Patrick likes extremes in his swing. (And maybe you're not surprised by that!) Patrick likes to see movement in his ball flight, so he allows for a much bigger curve in his shots. He says, for example, that instead of aiming for a 10-yard draw he'll try to get a 20-yard -- or even bigger -- draw.

What can you learn from this? If you're trying to visualize your shots, make sure your shot is "big enough" that you can tell when it's behaving!

And the second thing -- and perhaps this should be more obvious to us than it is -- when Patrick wants to hit a big draw, he plays the ball forward in his stance and aims way right. (For you lefties, that would be way left.)

Why do I say this should be more obvious? Because when you move the ball forward in your stance, you automatically close the clubface more before you hit the ball because your body is turning toward the target. And that means you should aim for a bigger draw, otherwise you might pull the ball into trouble. By aiming for a bigger draw, you can feel free to really unleash and hit the ball with your hands. That way, even if you do get a bigger draw than you planned for, it's still a draw.

Some good thoughts from Patrick in this video. You might not use them all but, if you can find just one tip that helps, isn't it worth it?

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