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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Se Ri Pak Says Good-bye to the LPGA at Home

Yes, the LPGA KEB Hana Bank Classic is the last event in Se Ri Pak's LPGA career. And so it only makes sense that she would play that final event in Korea.

Se Ri Pak in her last official tournament

The LPGA KEB Hana Bank Classic is the third event in the LPGA's six-event swing leading up to their Tour Championship. Tony Jesselli has done his usual great preview of the event, so I'll just link you to that post here. It'll get you up-to-date on the basics you need to know, including who's not there. According to Tony, 40 of the Rolex Top50 ARE there.

Of course, you may figure that I'm a bit late with this post, as the first round will already be over by the time you read this -- even if you catch it as soon as I post it. But this is another of those tape-delay broadcasts on GC, so you can catch the first round today at half past noon (that's 12:30pm ET).

At the time I'm writing this -- around midnight Wednesday -- most of the limited field of 78 are on the back nine, headed for the finish. For my American readers, there are only three US players currently in the Top10 -- Lizette Salas and Alison Lee are tied for the lead (with Jeong Min Cho and I.K. Kim) at -4, and Brittany Lang is in a group two back. That may change, as Lee is only on the 9th, Lang is on 14 and Salas on 17.

Likewise, defending champ Lexi Thompson is at -1 but (as I write this) is playing her 9th hole. Obviously there's still lots of golf to be played in the first round.

Se Ri is at +4, in a group that is only one stroke ahead of last place. But I imagine this has been a tough week for her, and nobody really cares what she shoots this week anyway. An era in women's golf is ending and, while Se Ri will still be involved in golf, the game won't quite be the same. Se Ri belongs up on that Mount Rushmore of Golf with Arnold Palmer, Charlie Sifford and Tiger Woods. (At least, that's MY Mount Rushmore of Golf. Golf would probably get less attention than frog jumping without those four.)

Thanks for everything, Se Ri. We'll miss seeing you on the Tour.

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