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Friday, October 21, 2016

Tiger's Interview with Charlie Rose (Video)

I suppose the big news on Thursday was Tiger's interview with Charlie Rose on his PBS show. I didn't get to see it, although I've seen a couple of different clips. (The entire interview was an hour long.) This is an almost 6-minute clip from the CBS This Morning show that I could embed here on the site. And here's the link to the page, because it includes a transcript of this part of the video. (And in case the video doesn't embed properly -- I can't see it when I preview this post -- you can click the link to see the video.)

One thing which isn't in this clip but was shown on GC concerns why Tiger withdrew from the Safeway last week. Tiger's reason was very interesting to me. He said that, before the Ryder Cup, he was in a groove at his home course -- that is, that his feel for distance was there. But after he took the week off for the Ryder Cup, he was surprised to find that he no longer felt his distance control as well. He thought he could get it back with the practice in California, but he was wrong. Over the weekend he realized that, while he could hit the shots alright, he couldn't hit them well enough to shoot a low score and that since he hadn't hurried his comeback, he needn't hurry it then.

Given how low the scores were at the Safeway, that was probably a good decision. In the clip above, you can hear him tell Charlie that he believes he can get his game in shape in time for the Hero.

I also found one other clip from CBSN that I can't embed here but that I think is worth listening to. It's at this page and it's a 7-minute interview that Charlie Rose did about the interview itself. Charlie talks about what Tiger's own people said about the interview -- that he simply doesn't do them but he wanted to talk to Charlie -- and about some of the things he and Tiger talked about after the interview finished, as well as his own take on what Tiger told him.

Very interesting stuff in these two clips. They're worth a watch.

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