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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ashok to the System

It's possible you missed this, but it's well worth taking note of the news because it may become very significant very soon. Remember Aditi Ashok, the teenager from India who made news at the Olympics and became the first Indian woman to win on the Ladies European Tour just a week or so back?

Well, she just became the first Indian woman to win back-to-back on the LET at the Qatar Ladies Open. And while there was some buzz about her before, I think it's safe to say nobody saw this coming.

Aditi Ashok receives Qatar Ladies Open trophy

We know about the shock waves Se Ri Pak sent through Korea when she won two LPGA majors back in 1998. We know about the shock waves Shanshan Feng sent through China when she won Women's PGA Championship back in 2012. And the effect of Shanshan and Inbee Park's Olympic medals has yet to be seen... but it will probably be huge.

Aditi's already making waves in India because of her last few months on the world stage. But she'll be in the US soon -- in fact, she may already be here -- because she's playing in the final stage of LPGA Q-School this week. And no matter what happens there, you can bet she'll get some sponosr invites next season. What do you think might happen if she gets a little success over here in America?

Get ready for some Ashok waves, folks. India may have just entered the golfing mainstream.

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