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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Anders Mattson on Face Angle (Video)

This is an interesting video from GC's Coach of the Week Anders Mattson on controlling your misses by altering your club's face angle. But it's interesting because of his approach, which might actually simplify this for many of you.

How does he simplify things here? Ironically, it's because he uses the terms left and right to help you aim, rather than open and closed or fade and draw.

Normally, I use open and closed or fade and draw when I post instructional articles. That's because those terms for the shot shapes are the same for both lefties and righties. Using the other terms lets me use the same instructions for both players.

But a leftie's fade goes left while a rightie's fade flies right. Using right won't create a fade shape for both players.

However, Mattson isn't talking about shot shapes here. He's merely talking about which side of the fairway (or the green) you want the ball to miss on... and the right side is always the right side, regardless of whether you're a leftie or a rightie!

So, when you're deciding on a safe shot, realize that you often won't have to think about shot shape at all. Just decide which side you want to miss on, aim the clubface in that direction, and make your normal swing. It may not be pretty, but it may keep you in play... and that's the important thing.

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