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Saturday, December 3, 2016

How Tiger Prepares for a Round

This tip was posted at Golf Digest's website on Thursday, but GC mentioned Tiger doing this before his second round on Friday. Since it seems to have worked both days, we might as well take a quick look.

Tiger making a driver swing

This is a very simple, very quick tip that makes so much sense. And according to Butch Harmon, he's been using it for a long time:
“He’d practice the drive he wanted to hit off the first tee as his last swing before leaving the range. He did it every single time.”
The post then recommends that you take three balls and go through your entire driver routine with each ball, exactly the way you'll do it when you tee off on the first tee. The idea is to visualize and actually feel the shot you plan to hit, then take it to the course.

However, we can add an extra guideline that isn't in the article. We can add it because Tiger didn't follow that rule Friday and GC's commentators noticed it. You see, Tiger only used one ball for that driver swing on the range, then walked away... and striped his first drive right down the middle.

Apparently the three-ball guideline is only for days when the first ball doesn't feel right.

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