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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mike Malaska on Controlling the Clubface

A few days back I did a post about how Jim Flick taught hand and arm action. In that post I included some videos from Mike Malaska on using the L-to-L drill to improve your swing.

Here's a video where he demonstrates how your hands control the clubface. This works well in tandem with the L-to-L drill.

My teacher Carl Rabito taught me hand control with a drill similar to the one Malaska uses at the start of this video, except we only worked on curving the ball and hitting it straight -- no trajectory control. (I was having trouble getting the ball up in the air, so I didn't need to hit it low!)

Please pay attention to what Mike says in this video. You don't control the clubface with your body and ESPECIALLY NOT WITH YOUR HIPS. That's like trying to drive your car from the back seat -- very inefficient.

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